After the Election

If you live in California, I’m pretty sure you know by now that we have a new governor.

How do you feel about that?

This was one of the hotter political campaign seasons, and it seems that everyone had an opinion. If your candidate (or proposition) didn’t win, how do you feel?

If it didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to, it is so important for us to move on and not dwell on the disappointment. The reasons are so much more than just because we’ll need the Rolaids bottle.

Remember my book from last month, Excuse Me, Your LIFE Is Waiting? In the Playbook (which I am using for my “playshop” on Wednesdays, starting yesterday, at noon), Lynn Grabhorn reminds us that “the way we think causes the way we feel, and the way we feel causes how we vibrate, and the way we vibrate is how we attract.”
Now, to me, the word “vibrate” sounds a little airy-fairy. So use another word if you want. But the point is that we are always attracting something, because we are always thinking something, which leads to feelings, and thoughts are creative.

Not convinced? Think back to a day (maybe so far this morning) when you fell out of bed on the wrong side, then dumped coffee on yourself, then got stuck in a traffic jam, then……

What we focus on expands. And remember the Grabhorn book tells us that 16 seconds of focus on anything results in the beginning of manifestation. So 15 seconds of cranky is IT!

We are incredibly powerful Spiritual beings. Don’t let’s give our power away to what we don’t want. After all, if I’m not using my mind, who is?

About revjerryt

I offer spiritual counseling around healing issues related to relationships (with our Higher Power, ourselves and family), coming out (regardless of sexual orientation), and other concerns. I am a Religious Science / New Thought Minister living in the San Diego area, and senior minister of Joyful Living Spiritual Center, meeting at the Days Hotel (543 Hotel Circle South, Mission Valley/San Diego) in the East Wing Meeting Room on the second floor. Learn more at Other services include weddings, holy unions, baby blessings, baptisms, and memorial services. Learn more about me, and my book, at I am also the founder of the LGBTQ Spiritual Summit, bringing members of the gay and lesbian community together with leaders of various religious denominations and spiritual traditions, in order to start the conversation about healing. Learn more at
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