Answered Prayer, Brought to Us by the Letter C

If you watch the children’s television program Sesame Street, you remember that,
at least back in the day, each show was “sponsored by” a letter and a number.
Then, throughout the show, there would be skits featuring examples of words that
start with that letter, and counting exercises to reinforce that number. (I remember
watching with my sister like it was yesterday…)

In our book for the month, Start Where You Are by Chris Gardner, the first section
includes what he calls “The C-5 Complex,” which are attributes of a successful plan.
He states that without a plan, a dream is just a dream.

I believe this concept also applies to our spiritual mind treatment (or affirmative
prayer). Our prayer must be CLEAR: Spirit (God, the Universe, our Higher Power)
always responds to us as we believe, but are we clear on what we are choosing to
experience (AKA do we really know what we want?).

Our prayer must be CONCISE. We know the five steps of treatment and their purpose
is not to somehow make our treatment acceptable, but to keep us anchored in the
belief and feeling of oneness, and the anticipation of receiving whatever it is.

Our prayer must be COMPELLING. Not because we are talking God into doing something,
but because we are talking ourselves into a new belief, so we can accept what we
say we want. Are we accepting what we really do want–what brings us passion,
joy and excitement–or are we limiting God to mediocrity? The choice is Godiva
or Whitman’s Sampler–which one do we accept?

Our prayer must be COMMITTED, as we must be. Sometimes the manifestation (or receiving)
whatever it is is instant and immediate, but sometimes it takes a while — again
not because God needs time to figure it out, but because we are always just working
on our belief about whatever it is. We must keep doing our work until it happens
for us. (I love the statement from the recovery community that says “it works if
you work it, so work it, cuz you’re worth it!”)

Our prayer must be CONSISTENT. In the New Testament, Paul says to pray without
ceasing. And the truth is that we do, whether we are conscious of it or not. Our
thoughts are creative, so we are always creating something. If we affirm our financial
abundance, but spend the rest of the day in thoughts of lack, struggle, and resentment
toward those people, we are negating our treatment work.

About revjerryt

I offer spiritual counseling around healing issues related to relationships (with our Higher Power, ourselves and family), coming out (regardless of sexual orientation), and other concerns. I am a Religious Science / New Thought Minister living in the San Diego area, and senior minister of Joyful Living Spiritual Center, meeting at the Days Hotel (543 Hotel Circle South, Mission Valley/San Diego) in the East Wing Meeting Room on the second floor. Learn more at Other services include weddings, holy unions, baby blessings, baptisms, and memorial services. Learn more about me, and my book, at I am also the founder of the LGBTQ Spiritual Summit, bringing members of the gay and lesbian community together with leaders of various religious denominations and spiritual traditions, in order to start the conversation about healing. Learn more at
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