You remember the story of the Israelites’ struggle with Pharaoh in Egypt, and Moses being the one, with the help of his brother Aaron, to go and bring the word of God that it was time for the people to be released. Pharaoh was less than cooperative, so God sent a number of plagues to try and change his mind. One of those plagues had to do with frogs.

Now, we are not talking about Kermit. Or a small family of cute little critters. We are talking about the place being overrun with frogs. In Exodus 8: 8, we read that Pharaoh called for Moses and Aaron, and told them that he would let the people go, if they could get rid of the frogs. So Moses asked him when, and he replied “tomorrow.”

Tomorrow? Why not right this red hot second? Can you imagine delaying getting rid of all those nasty frogs?

We don’t know what was going through Pharaoh’s mind, but I wonder if it was, “yes, this is a mess, but if I could just get a few more bricks made before the slaves are released…”

Do you have any frogs in your life? (If you have an affinity for frogs, feel free to use locusts or anything else that works, with the point being something you don’t want to hang out with.) Yes, I know I need to forgive that but….Yes, I know I would feel much better if I lost the weight, or quit smoking, or took control of my spiritual life, or started, or stopped…..

We can wait until tomorrow, but what I have found is that tomorrow turns into next month and then next year, and I’m still hanging out with those frogs.

Click on the link below to hear my talk from Sunday, entitled, “Tomorrow…..”


About revjerryt

I offer spiritual counseling around healing issues related to relationships (with our Higher Power, ourselves and family), coming out (regardless of sexual orientation), and other concerns. I am a Religious Science / New Thought Minister living in the San Diego area, and senior minister of Joyful Living Spiritual Center, meeting at the Days Hotel (543 Hotel Circle South, Mission Valley/San Diego) in the East Wing Meeting Room on the second floor. Learn more at Other services include weddings, holy unions, baby blessings, baptisms, and memorial services. Learn more about me, and my book, at I am also the founder of the LGBTQ Spiritual Summit, bringing members of the gay and lesbian community together with leaders of various religious denominations and spiritual traditions, in order to start the conversation about healing. Learn more at
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