Walking on Fire–Or Not

If you were with me on Sunday, you might remember that I talked about my most recent experience at Edwene Gaines’ retreat center in Valley Head, Alabama.  It was my fifth time to be there with the opportunity to participate in a fire walk.  Unlike the previous times,  after asking Spirit “is this mine to do?” I was given the guidance to NOT walk.  So I didn’t.

Each experience has been a power-filled and life changing event, and this time was no exception, because it challenged me to ask myself about what other areas of my life I am still “walking on fire” when I don’t need to be.  Taking things personally?  Taking responsibility for someone else’s actions that had nothing to do with me?  Trying to “help” Spirit answer that prayer, rather than just releasing and listening?

Click on the link to listen to my talk, “Walking on Fire–Or Not.”

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Rolling the Stone Away–For Good!

When was the last time you met someone named Judas?  I’ll bet never.

As you remember in the story of the crucifixion of Jesus, Judas was the guy who betrayed Jesus by pointing him out to the soldiers.  He became the most hated man in Christian history.  He was depicted as treacherous, greedy, thieving, to be despised by all righteous people.

But what if there was a different story?  What if Judas was a saintly and righteous man, carrying out the command and mission of Jesus at a risk to his own life and reputation?

What if there is a different story in our experiences?  Are we open to the possibility that what happened had to happen for our growth?  Can we begin to see that there is a bigger picture?

Often, our feelings of resentment, guilt and shame (often as a result of “betraying” ourselves) can be the stone that, like on Easter, is waiting to be rolled away in order to express and experience all the good Life has for us.

Click on the link to listen to my talk from Easter Sunday.

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In Search of Strength

As you may know, I’m using Charles Fillmore’s book The Twelve Powers (of Man) as my book for the year. Our power for March was Strength.

The book, How To Use Your Twelve Gifts from God by William Warch says that “strength has four spiritual aspects: patience, tolerance, steadfastness, and balance.”

Last Sunday, we were luxuriating in the experience of answered prayer and demonstration.

In my personal life, two long-planned birthday surprises came off without a hitch. “Easter Palooza,” an Easter egg hunt and street fair sponsored and produced by Joyful Living Spiritual Center, was more successful than anyone could have imaged. In every experience, there was more than enough—enough time, enough money, enough wisdom.

The road to answered prayer is not always easy. Even though we “know” that it is done unto us as we believe, that Spirit always responds to us, often we allow old beliefs in lack and struggle, and appearances, to get in the way. Staying focused on what we want, rather than what we don’t, requires strength–keeping in mind that we are never talking God into doing anything, but rather changing our belief about the possibility.

Click on the link to listen to my talk from last Sunday, “In Search of Strength.”

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Worry or Wonder?

So you’ve decided to find a new relationship.  Or forgive an old hurt.  Or create a wonderful event.  Or step-up to greater financial abundance.  Or get a job that makes your heart sing.

You write down your plan, reviewing the steps to be followed.  You go in search of whatever it is.

At what point in the process do you get the Universe (Spirit, the Infinite, the Divine, God, your higher power) involved?

If you were with me last Sunday, you remember I (again) quoted the song from my days in the Lutheran Church:  “oh what peace we often forfeit, oh what needless pain we bear; all because we do not carry, everything to God in prayer.”

In my life today, thankfully, my experience of prayer is very different, in that I am speaking affirmatively and accepting what I want, rather than begging and beseeching the God out there somewhere to do what I want.

But in my getting the Infinite involved, I am allowing Infinite Intelligence to pave the way, bringing me what I need when I need it.  It might be those strange “coincidences” that happen, or the idea of who to call or where to go.

What if we got Spirit involved from the start, rather than as a last resort?

And what if, rather than worrying IF it will happen, we could stay in wonder about HOW it will happen (recognizing the HOW is not our business, and in absolute conviction, no-question-about-it, that it will)?

Click on the link to listen to my talk, “Worry or Wonder?”

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The Holy Instant

“A Course in Miracles” talks about the holy instant.  It is that moment right after someone says something, or something happens, or we have a thought.  Will we react or respond, and if so, how?  Does the thought scare us, and will we decide to run with (thereby creating whatever it is), or do we just allow it to flow right on through?

Our “power” for March is Strength.  Our perception of strength may be pushing, shoving, overpowering force.  But strength is also expressed in practicing restraint–in taking that holy instant and deciding what is true for us and what is not, rather than just reacting from ego, fear, resentment–like we always have.

Click on the link to learn more.

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The Spiritual Power of Strength

Think about what you think about when you hear the word strength.  It might have to do with physical capabilities, but might also be the mental and spiritual abilities to walk through what is presented, knowing the truth of our being.

My book for March, The Twelve Powers by Charles Fillmore, states there are four spiritual aspects to strength:  patience, steadfastness, tolerance and balance.  We’ll be looking at all of those aspects throughout the month.

To me, strength might also be the willingness to look at what no longer serves us; ask what we need to change–and then act on what we are told; and to get out of victimhood, limitation and struggle.

Click on the link to listen to my talk from last Sunday, titled “The Spiritual Power of Strength.”

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The Courage to Love Extravagantly

If you were with me last Sunday, you remember I quoted Stephanie Dowrick’s wonderful book, Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love, in talking about loving extravagantly:  “It takes courage to wake up to how mysterious and profound life is, and not to avoid, deny, scorn, repress or contain what doesn’t easily fit into our world view.”

What is my world view?  To me, it is my list of rules and regulations—how it should be.  It requires courage to look at a situation and remember that there is always something more.  That’s why we are told to not judge by appearances.

I am convinced that the people in our lives always bring us a gift—sometimes obvious, sometimes not.  Often, the gift is in requiring us to take a higher view.  In staying out of judgment, we remind ourselves that we have no way of knowing exactly what the other person went through—exactly what they experienced, or what they felt.  All we can do is love, and love extravagantly.

Click on the link to listen to my talk, “The Courage to Love Extravagantly.”

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